There is so much to learn.  Science can mean different things to each of us.  For me, science is knowledge that continues to evolve as part of humanity’s journey from small hunter-gatherer tribes to creating artificial intelligence.  And science has also been the drive for the evolution of our society.

We can see the role of science leading to the industrial revolution that started about 250 years ago, when the steam engine first replaced muscle power.  Today, computers and robots are creating the next quantum jump for humanity.  But only if we manage to avoid self-destruction.

Newton described his life’s work as playing on the shore while the great sea of knowledge lay unexplored.  Science is also the story of this continuing exploration, building on the foundations laid by Newton, Descartes, Bacon about 500 years ago, and countless others going  back to Plato and Aristotle some 2500 years ago.

I have been lucky to have been exposed to a long life of education.  Starting with pre-school.  I was lucky that learning and passing tests came easily, so got exposed to more education than the average.  In recent years, I have been able to again learn many new things through on-lone courses, podcasts, and books.  And the more I learn, the more I learn is there still to be learnt.  I have barely tipped my toes into the sea of knowledge!

So, what can I teach?  I can bring together diverse fields of knowledge into a story about vaccines and numbers, and maybe more.   As I try to develop this story here, it comes out backwards.  Unless you start from the end.  Let me know if you learn anything….



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